张开瑞 Jacob Zhang

牧师 Pastor

Jacob was born in mainland China and grew up in a Christian family. Jacob’s father is a key underground house church leader in China. Jacob witnessed how his father and that generation was persecuted while remaining joyful and thankful to God. The impact of his father’s faith led him to continually serve the Almighty God.

Jacob also experienced persecution. He was removed from high school because of his faith: he still does not have a high school degree. Jacob came to Dallas Baptist University in 2008 with a special exception to be equipped for God’s kingdom work. He received his undergraduate degree in Christian studies in 2012 and his graduate degree in global leadership this year. Before this ministry, Jacob and his wife Joan were serving in Chinese Students Fellowship at DBU (Dallas Baptist University) for the past 7 years. When they traveled to Seattle, they saw the great need for the Gospel among the Chinese students in Bellevue area. They know God is calling them to move here and start a Chinese church.